Pleroma School for Girls

1. Please pray for the school inspection by the government on 19 November and that they visit only
for educational purposes, without other agenda.
2. Please pray for the fundraising effort for the construction of the secondary school building.
3. Please pray for the construction needed for the two terraced house that we recently bought.
Buildings in Cambodia are of very poor quality; May the Lord grant us wisdom to know what to do.
4. Please pray for the school life and health of our teachers and students.

Pleroma Home for Girls

1. Two girls arrived at the Home last week. Please pray for them, as they need counseling as well as vocational training. May the Lord grant us wisdom, so that we can assist them as they adjust to the new environment and help them find hope in life once again.
2. We are arranging for two of the girls to reintegrate back into their communities. Please pray for their relationship with their family members and their studies.
3. After Pchum Ben Day, one of the girls decided not to come back but to find a job to help sustain her family. May the Lord grant her wisdom to face the challenges in life.
4. Please pray for three of the girls receiving outside vocational training and one studying at a secondary school. May the Lord keep them safe when they are on the road and guide their studies.
5. Please pray for the recruitment of a cook, an administrative staff and a social worker.
6. Please continue to pray for the renewal of our MOU with the government.

Pleroma Home for Women

1. Please pray for the handover of duties after Chandra’s resignation. Please also pray for our new Project Manager and our social worker (Clinical Manager) Sokheng, who is in charge of the cases, that they can complement each other at work. Please also pray that the staff can adjust well and work well together.
2. Please pray for the vocational training of the women and that more people will be willing to walk with us and provide the women with different internship opportunities.
3. Please pray for Sreyra, who will continue to receive service in another organization. Please also continue to pray for the women who have already returned home.
4. The medical team of Chab Dai Coalition will provide training for our organization, so that our staff can better handle cases of suspected bacterial infection among the women.

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