2020 Year End Thank You Letter

To FiCF prayer partners and supporters:
The unchangeable Lord is indeed our pilot especially when sailing in the vast stormy sea. The more difficult our path forward, the clearer and greater is God’s grace and guidance! God’s unchangeable mercy and grace shone through the historical unprecedented stormy mist of 2020. For us, 2020 is indeed a particularly blessed year beyond what our words can describe.
On the one hand, we commend our faithful staff in our mission field as well as in our home field, who continued to struggle forward beyond extreme challenging difficult pandemic times!  Far away in Cambodia, our missionaries and local staff embraced empathy for our girls and women with their families and communities we are serving. On top of the regular services, they delivered food and financial subsidies to them and their families. In order to provide our girls with uninterrupted education, our missionaries started to hold online teaching and bravely continued with their secondary school construction project amidst widespread COVID-19 threats.
Our missionaries, together with our Khmer staff, proceed with courage and sacrificial love in bringing care and services to their needy communities.  With equal determination and hard work, our U.S. staff in our home front served with extra diligence in overcoming demanding media and technical challenges, which were not their original specialties in the first place. They have not only been able to conduct their workshops and ministries, they have even been able to breakthrough with exceeding services and in numbers.
On the other hand, we equally appreciate the generous responses from our prayer partners and supporters. Not only undeterred by the horrific pandemic and the economic downturn of 2020, but you also faithfully continued to encourage us and financially support us! With you partnering with us in this difficult Kingdom path in fulfilling God’s entrusted calling, we never feel alone.
May the justice and the compassion of our Lord be even more manifested in this unpredictable changing generation!
Lily Lee
President, Fullness in Christ Fellowship
Social Concern Department
January 18, 2021

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