Pleroma Community Center

The Pleroma Community Center exists to reach out to communities and families with holistic Gospel and ministry.
Community Ministries include the following four areas:
♦ Women’s Ministry: to enrich the lives of women in the community through English classes, handiwork, special interest classes, and job skill trainings so that they can better lead their families.
Men’s Ministry: to provide workshops to men in the community, e.g. loving and caring of their children, parenting skills, family ethics and responsibilities, so that they can be better husbands and fathers.
Children’s Ministry: to provide extra-curriculum classes to the children, e.g. art and children bible stories, to enable them to understand their relationship with God and their parents, to develop their potential and leadership abilities to positively impact their families, schools, and communities.
Families’ Ministry: to provide various activities to extended families such as outings, field trips, health screenings, workshops, bible and gospel gatherings.