Pleroma School for Girls

The Pleroma School for Girls is a primary school in PP Timey on  13.5 meter by 21 meter plot of land. It has a four-and-a-half story building with 12 classrooms, a library, a computer room, a meeting hall, and an office.
The Pleroma School for Girls strives to:
♦ Provide educational opportunities for girls from poor families to enable them to move upward and towards life-long learning.
Nurture and empower girls to be the future Christian leaders of society.
♦ Develop a caring, respectful, appreciative, fair, and equal learning environment where girls can experience the joy of learning cooperatively and independently.
♦ Provide quality and holistic Christian education to girls develop morally, intellectually, physically, socially, aesthetically and spiritually.
♦ Encourage girls to explore and develop their God-given talents and to live fully in Christ’s grace and truth.


Advantages of raising the educational level of women in general:
♦ Education is the most effective means of prevention to combat human trafficking.
♦ Education will enable girls to become better mothers to raise better children and to lead their families more effectively.