Marvelous Blessing to Those Who Are Mourning

November 2020
Pleroma Home for Women is a place that provides a safe haven and holistic restoration to women. Our clients are women who are struggling with mental health symptoms, lack of soft skills, broken relationship/support systems, and poverty.
Adding to this kind of unfortunate life, 2020 is the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. People around the world are facing crises such as losing a loved one, financial hardship, and emotional tension. Similarly, our women are also facing deteriorating circumstances of life.
Fortunately, there are some blessings. As our friends and donors share their love through merit grants during this hardship, our women in the community have received a helping hand.
One of our women, Sunshine*, was living in bitterness and hopelessness. It seemed like darkness covered her without even the hope of seeing light. She was at a critical time in her life, facing the loss of her brother. At the same time, the main breadwinner of her family, her mother, also lost her job, leaving them penniless after the funeral. Sunshine also has mental disabilities, which is hard for her and her mother. She was in the community trial period before all these tragedies happened. Her mother was stable and claimed Sunshine back into her care, but after only a week, she sold everything she had in order to treat her suddenly ill son, but he died anyway. To the mother, Sunshine is the only one that she insists on keeping next to her even during this hard time. They are each other’s support system, so being in the community is needed.
I had no money to even come back home for my son’s funeral in my hometown. All I have remaining is only debt. I went blank and numb. I could not even cry because it was too overwhelming. However, receiving a call from the PHW that there is a COVID-19 supportive fund makes me excited in the sadness,” Sunshine’s mother said.
Life in the city (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) after she came back was harsh. She had no job because most of the jobs were taken when she was away. The job market was so limited for her labor field because of COVID-19. There was a lot of dispute and fighting. Many times, she was wrestling with the days remaining in the month because there was nothing to eat and no money to pay her bills. She tried her very best every day to find a job, but at the same time, she needed to fill her stomach. Neighbors were helping but it was not enough. “I am so happy to receive a support fund even if it is not fully enough but it is helping me during my desperate and critical time – the money keeps me alive to fight for my living,” the mother said. She added, “That money so far keeps me being a mother to my daughter. Without it I am not even a mother to my child as I can’t even feed her when she is with me.” 
At present, her situation is improving. We give thanks to God for the ability to offer support when she was in desperate need. She can now stand more on her own. She got a job and can earn monthly wages, and although it is not much, she can feed and take very good care of Sunshine. Sunshine is now very happy being with her mother in the community.
Your love offerings have played a big part in lifting our women downfall back to their feet.
* Sunshine is her false name to provide confidentiality to PHW’s client.

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